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Brooklyn + Leather + More Peplum

If you saw my post last week, you know that I am slightly obsessed with peplum these days. It really is just ridiculously flattering for my body type, if I do say so myself. This leather top from Forever 21 was a real steal… I…

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For My Curvy Girls

When I was in high school, people like Rachel Bilson, Nicole Richie, and Mischa Barton were the ‘It Girls.’ I was curvy & had crazy, big, curly hair that I did not know how to handle. My high school was something like 50% Asian &…

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Foodie Friday // Best Brunch in LA

I’m going to be honest. We might not really be friends if we haven’t had a breakfast date. They are my absolute favorite. As a result, I have tried lots and lots of places. Little Doms has been the #1 breakfast spot in my eyes…

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Foodie Friday // Best Coffee Spots in LA

In the last few months I have realized that I eat out A LOT. I never really noticed until I was driving around LA with friends & found myself constantly pointing out my favorite restaurants and coffee shops. So I have decided to share the…

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The Best Summer Jackets for Men

Lets be honest. Ladies have way more options when it comes to getting dressed. We can wear skirts, dresses, skorts (people still do that), overalls, jumpers, halter dresses… the list goes on. Guys really have to work a little harder to be creative. One great…

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